Friday, March 30, 2012

The green garden

shirt,pants : H&M/ Wedges:H&M(old)/ Clutch : Asos/ sweater: Forever21

Hello dolls,

I love spring and the view of blooming flowers on the early morning . Makes me feel fresh and happy .
I keep on wearing my favorite spring pieces and do some mix and match from time to time . I got those pants and shirt from H&M last month and I keep on wearing them separately but today I decided to put them together and to add my favorite mint sweater from forever21 to overcome the chilly morning wind !

I might be looking like I'm copying my self but I can't handle my addiction to those pieces . It's great when you can find few items that can be worn differently and look new every time you put them on !

Do you love my Green garden look ????

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A sneak peek

Hello all ,

I'm so excited my last look made it to the style gallery on , love to share my styles with others and be inspired by their looks and sense of fashion ..

Tomorrow is the day of the new post ! But I will be a bit generous and show you this sneak peek of it ! Just because I love you :)))

Love xoxo

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Floral Rocks!!

Hello dolls,

I couldn't wait to put my new purchases on and do the "happy shopper " dance :)
These pants are even more colorful and beautiful than I expected, Love the stretchy fit and the cute floral print ! Luckily it matches the colors of this oversized T-shirt from forever21. To add a touch of rock n roll I wore my favorite leather biker jacket from Wilson's leather and these cute sandals from ZARA than I don't mind getting in all colors ! Now this look is complete !

This season is all about prints , but floral print is the master of them all. H&M, ZARA, Topshop and many other stores have great choices of floral printed clothes , you only need to pick the one that makes you feel fresh and comfortable !
Have fun with it , and don't forget to do the "Happy Shopper Dance" when you find the floral piece that ROCKS !!!

p.s : Thank you for your sweet comments and feedback on my previous look . Love you all !


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What a crazy day!

Hi dolls,

It has been a busy crazy day but fortunately could take some outfit shots before going out this morning ! Nothing more to do , dinner, setting the kids to sleep and have a quite time with my hubby !!
Leave you with this sneak peek of my crazy day !! Stay tuned for more of this outfit !

Monday, March 26, 2012

The fruit salad

Lime, Orange, mint and this fruit salad is complete !
More colorful outfit today that has this cute mixture of bolds and pastels. I really haven't wear as much colors as I do these days in my whole life , maybe it's the nice weather that makes every thing bright so yummy and delicious !!
You must realize that I'm a jacket girl ! I adore jackets and I wear them even if It's 80 degrees out there ! They are just great for layering and adding some edge to the outfit ! Got this one from Zara last year and still love it !
This Blouse is from Forever21 and I love it because it combines two lovely trends , Polkadots and mint . The pastel lime jeans is a great buy from Zara and the heels are my ultimate pleasure right now which I will keep rocking till it's fall again :)

Do you love this look guys ? Love to hear from you !


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fashion CHALET: " NEW IN + GIVEAWAY " Alexander Wang Wedges

Fashion CHALET: " NEW IN + GIVEAWAY " Alexander Wang Wedges: ALEXANDER WANG Wedge Sandals in Nude Guess what Guys!? Another amazing Giveaway!!! 1 reader has the chance to win a pair of nude Alexan...

Don't miss it ! I'm in and dreaming of those wedges already !!!

Good Luck !

Friday, March 23, 2012

A sneak peek of the next outfit

Hi dolls,

It's a nice sunny day and hope you all are having fun . I spent the morning shopping with my hobby but this time it was the kids' turn ! We got some delicious pieces for the kids to make them rock this summer's season .

I wore my favorite heels right now from Zara . This is just a sneak peek of the outfit that you will see in my next post !

Stay tuned and have a nice weekend lovelies ..


Thursday, March 22, 2012

On the way : from Zara

Hi dolls,

I'm still in the shopping spirit these days ! I know I'm causing a great damage to my wallet but who can resist these ???

I felt in love with those pants the moment I saw them on march lookbook of Zara and couldn't wait when I saw them online in my size!!!

These heeled sandals were hunting me every where - or let's say I'm the one who hunted them - so finally after a long long waiting time they were restocked in my size !!! Hello babes !

Can't wait to share the next outfit with you guys , so stay tuned .

Love xoxo

New in : Peplum family

Just received those two together in my mail box ! How cute are these ?! The peplum skirt is from Asos petit and the peplum top is from Alloy !!!
Can't wait to rock those babes !

Polkadots and Pastel

Hi dolls,

Two of my favorite trends ever, Pastel and Polkadots are combined in this new outfit . Not forget to mention this awesome Balenciaga City bag that lived on my wish list for many many years and now it's finally mine !!! Hurray !!!!

Every thing you see in this outfit I got from my latest trip to Atlanta, Ga . The bag was a cute lovely gift from my Hobby that I will never complain about :)) and both the sweater and the asymmetrical skirt are from Forever21. I feel really good when I combine the trends that I love in one look . You saw me rocking this sweater before and Still have many ideas for this skirt too .

Now let's talk heels ! Those of you who follow me on instagram must saw these ZARA sandals a lot on my page ! I've been waiting for it to be restocked forever !!! Lucky me they did and they are shining on my feet right now ! I don't want to take them off !!!

Do you like my combination ????


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You are my sunshine !

Good morning dolls,

There is something in the weather that makes me really happy and in a smily mood these days . The sunny weather makes me want to wear the most colorful outfits and just have fun :)

I got this Shiny yellow blazer from ZARA recently and can't tell you how happy Iam with that purchase !! The color just makes you feel stylish, pretty and really really active ! It's crazy how an outfit can affect your personality and make you feel better when you just put it on !!

The floral pants are my favorite this season and they just complete the whole love story I'm living with this look right now :)))


Monday, March 19, 2012

Lavender Love

Back to posting,

After a whole week of bday celebration for my little one year old girl with the family, I can find my self back on track again . The beautiful weather out there is just perfect for spring spirit that you can see from my recent outfit . Still got more looks to show you but for now let's talk about this one . I kinda missed the dark side and the edge of black , so I decided to put on my favorite leather biker Jacket from Black Rivet that you can find here . This floral shirt from H&M is just stunning and you can create many different looks with it while these jeans are my absolute score this season for only 15 $ from Forever21 . To add a pop of color I'm carrying this oversized clutch from Asos. Do you guys love this look ?


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Show me some Pastel

Hurray !

Finally it's spring time in Virginia . The weather is getting wormer and I finally can put on some light weight colorful clothes ! OMG I've really missed the colors in my life !! It has been a very long dark winter this year and I want to make it up :)
Pastel trend is just perfect for my color revenge . I can't resist the mixture of lemon, mint , baby pink and my favorite color lavender !
Saw these beauties on F21 website for only 15$!!! Can you believe this price !! I bought it in lavender and mint to not miss such an offer !! I paired it her with my mint sweater and snake print pumps with camel heels from Bakers . I really feel like a walking milkshake :)))))


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Safari chic

Hey Lovelies,

How many times did a huge rush happen to you toward a piece that you can't stop wearing ? This is happening to me now with this adorable safari jacket I got from ZARA . The leather sleeves give it an extra edge that I can't resist . It's crazy how it goes with almost every thing I got smoothly and elegantly . For example , these cute pants with this grassy print ! I have many many ideas in mind to wear them and they looked amazing with my favorite jacket .

Is it the jacket or the pants ? Or it's just my great love to animals and jungles life that makes this outfit one of my favs !!!!!


Jacket,Pants : ZARA/ Bag : black rivet / Shoes,top : Newlook