Friday, February 17, 2012

These pants are hunting me !




pictures Via givelivelovelife

Hi dolls,

I've been spying few of Navajo printed pants from different stores and designs but these ones are my favorite . I saw them at ZARA store last month and they were on sale . For some reason I didn't dare to grab them or try them on. They looked creepy to me and not easy to match with any item in my closet . Suddenly, They became all over the net. Every single blogger was wearing them and guess what !? they looked stunning ! They were out of stock when I recognized how much I need them in my life ! However, thanx to ebay I could find my pair . New with tags . I ordered them for a higher price ! It's even higher than its original price !!
I'm not feeling sorry tho . Just can't wait for them to arrive next week :)


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