Friday, January 31, 2014

Sushi Nigh

Hello dolls,

This was one of the best nights I had back home in Kuwait last month. I went to the opening of the Sushi bar at "Costa del sol" hotel and I had so much fun trying to make the perfect Sushi dish - which ended up being a huge disaster - and share it with my girls. That nigh was so much fun but unfortunately, my camera went out of charge and I ended up taking my outfit posts by my iPhone !

More photos on my instagram page @nohastyleicon 

I'm wearing/

Iconic : dress
ZARA : Jacket
Valentino : bag
Iconic : pumps 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wickedly Blue

Hello dolls,

I'm loving this faux fur jacket from "Wicked Closet". The color is insane and It's perfect to add a touch of fun to a regular winter outfit.

I'm wearing /

Wicked Closet : Faux Fur Jacket 
Ae : Scarf (Old)
ZARA : jeans
Givenchy : Bambi tote
ZIGINY : Booties

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter White

Hello dolls,

One of the most amazing experiences I had in Kuwait was my visit to Winter White market. I loved all the beautiful pieces designed by young local designers from Kuwait and the Gulf area. There were also so many unique vintage designers items not to mention the yummy treats too. It was also a great experience to meet some cute faces!

The weather was very cold. I mixed my black and whites with a touch of pink this time!

I'm wearing /

ZARA : Coat
H&M : scarf
Balenciaga : Bag
ZARA : leggings
Iconic : heels

Thursday, January 23, 2014

For the Love of Bambi

Hello guys,

This is another outfit I wore when I was in Kuwait last week as I'm Still too tired and jet lagged to take new outfit posts. It's all about black& white Vs animal prints and of course some leather!

I've been so obsessed with my new Givenchy Bambi tote bag recently! This shopper style is so roomy and comfortable for everyday use and the cute Bambi picture is just another adorable addition to this amazing piece!

I'm wearing /

Forever21 : Chimono
Givenchy : Bambi tote bag
Mulco : Watch
ZARA : pants
Charlotte Olympia : Pumps

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The grand Opening of Luscious Qatar

Hello guys,

I was in Qatar lats week to attend the beautiful grand opening for "Luscious Cafe " in Salwa street. I was really surprised on how beutiful Qatar is! The people were so warm and welcoming and I got to meet so many Qatari fans too.

Luscious cafe is specialized in yummy desserts and pastries. From cake to macaroon, this experience was beyond sweet for me!

Thank you for the invitation :

Mai Albinali
Ahmed Albinali
Shaima Alhmood


I was wearing /

The 17th : Dress
ZARA : jacket
Moschino : belt
Bvlgari : bag
Bakers : pumps