Tuesday, July 3, 2012

God bless America

I came to the states three years ago . I knew nothing back then as I came from a spoiling family and a luxury lifestyle . This country taught me how to be tough , patient , independent and strong . It taught me how to be a real women and to face the new challenging life I have to live . I was amazed by how strong American women are . They inspired me to appreciate my role as a mother, wife and a person !

Now I'm not the same person I used to be . Here I learned to do everything my self and believe in me . There is nothing impossible but there are many things that hard , still not hard enough to let me down . I'm a wife, a mother, a student and a working mother who appreciates every moment with her family and beloved ones . Yes .. I miss Kuwait every single day but I'm more than grateful for what this experience is giving me . I enjoy every day in USA and keep learning !

God bless USA in its national day and happy 4th of july to all of my American friends and readers !!

I'm wearing / Forever21: american flag T-shirt , shirt , jeans / Converse : sneakers / American Eagle : sunglasses



  1. Bless you for sharing your story... such an inspiration!

    The look is supa comfy looking! Enjoy your 4th of July Holiday.


  2. nice to read your story, great look, love your t-shirt and wish you the best.


  3. inspiring post! :) Happy 4th of July :)


  4. Hi! Love this post! Just found your blog today and i´ll follow it! Hope you can do the same and follow my baby blog back! :) Kisses