Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's Still Summer in VA

Hello lovelies ,

It's Finally Weekend ! And with the weather being warmer than before , I think It's still Summer in Virginia . This allows me to get back to summer colorful light outfits even for just a limited time :)

This outfit is All about accessories . Lots and lots of new accessories , bag and shoes with a simple all white outfit . So summer don't you think ?

I'm wearing / ZARA : top, vest and jeans / Cambridge Satchel : bag / Urbanog : pumps / F21 : Accessories / Ae : Sunglasses


  1. so colorful look! love it!

  2. Pretty make up. You have beautiful lips! I admire your magnificence. You are a beautiful woman!

    Following :)

    Feel free to yourself and to follow me :)

  3. really love your bag! ^^ You always look good :)

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