Friday, June 20, 2014

A pop of color

Hello guys!

I'm back to blogging!
In fact, I wasn't completely MIA as I was really active on instgaram and still, but I was super busy traveling from USA to Kuwait and then Istanbul for the past two weeks! Can you imagine doing that with two toddlers all by your self? Well, I don't know how but I did it :)

Now you can always keep up with my crazy life by following me on Instagram (@nohastyleicon) but I always love to get back to blogging and posting full outfit looks.

This look I wore back in Virginia for a casual yet chic afternoon with my girls. I love combining styles and colors for some fun results.


Premonition Designs : Blazer
ZARA : Shirt
Forever21 : Boyfriend Jeans
Dolce and Gabbana : Sunglasses
Linda Brax : Purse
Tods : Flats 


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