About me

Who I'm I ?

I'm a formal TV presenter originally from Kuwait but live in the US , a chemical engineer and a mother of two beautiful kids who is in love with fashion and styling .

Why did I start blogging ?

I've always had an affair with fashion. I want to share my style, inspire others and get inspired my self so I started blogging on 2009 .

Who did I collaborate with ?

During the past two years I had the honor to collaborate with many stores and designers like : Armani Exchane, Jeffery Campbell, Naughty Monkey, T-shirt Policy London, Cambridge satchel , Lancelot Knight, Asos, Shopakira , Letouch, GiGi NewYork, 1Face Watch and many others .

Contact me if you are interested .

Who takes my pictures ?

Only me , my camera and I . Thanks god for the timer :)

How would I describe me style ?

I would say I'm trendy, fierce and fun all at once !!!

What is the meaning of "Nanooosh" ?

Well, that's only a nick name that mum used to call me with when I was little ! My real name is "Noha".


This blog is a "one girl show " and I work hard to make it better each day .
You are always welcome with your suggestions and comments .
I really appreciate every moment you spend on this blog ...

 Thank you for your love and support ...




  1. When you will come back. Kuwait ?

    Does you husband finish studying in Us yet ?

  2. Former". Very cute blog. Keep up the good work habibti

  3. When I found you at Instagram I took a print of your profile hahaha because you are inspiration since I wanna be a chemical engineer, I do love make up and fashion, wanna have a big family and I'm a brazilian who wanst to go to USA hahahha, so thank you for show me this is possible!