Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cool girls wear Prada !

Hello dolls,

I've been doing lots of research recently to decide what's my next designer's bag is going to be . As a bags' lady I own many brands that I adore and love but I've never thought of getting a Prada bag as they don't stick to a classic design that lasts and never goes out of style ! However, I've been eying the Saffiano Lux handbags since last year . The design is really classic , the sizes varies , the colors are awesome and the Saffiano leather is AaahMaazing !!

I got this new babe as a little treat for my self on Mother's day . Keeping it cool babe !

I'm wearing /

ZARA : Jacket
Forever 21 : Leggings
Prada : Saffiano lux tote
River Island : heels
Tom Ford : Sunglasses


  1. You look gorgeous! That bag is amazing!

    X lisa

  2. love this look! great bag :) cannot wait to get my first designer bag :)

  3. That is really amazing outfit. Have a nice day.

  4. lovely bag!!!

  5. Ahhh so lovely look! I really like your pants... in fact I'm trying to find a pair like that, but I'm still searching :D
    Great bag too :)

  6. I love my prada too! yours look gorgeous:)
    kisses from Milano

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