Thursday, April 17, 2014

Royal Blue

Hello guys,

It has been crazy busy recently between blogging , traveling and my responsibilities as a mother and wife. I've been to Philadelphia, Greensboro, Boston and Baltimore all in one month! I'm totally exhausted and barely had the chance to take pictures for a new outfit post.

So happy that the weather is finally warmer and I can finally wear brighter colors, sandals and open toe shoes again!


Minusey : Jacket
ZARA : Shirt
Asos : Skirt
American Eagle : Sunglasses
Romwe : Handbag
ZARA : Shoes 


  1. Super lovely blog!


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  3. Good quality workmanship, material; the fit matched the sizing details, which by the way was great; as i was lost until the seller compared their sizing to 'women' sizes. So pretty much all was as described.
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