Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hidden wedge sneakers

Hello dolls,

If you are a fashion seeker you should've notice that there is a sneakers mania all over the web since the pop of the famous Isabel Marant sneakers last fall . These hight top wedged sneakers became so popular that started a huge trend in the fashion industry . Now every fashionista can get her own dream sneakers even if she can't afford the 750 $ to get her Isabel Marant version . Here are some of the options that I could find online ! Some of them are really affordable . What is your favorite ?

1- Asos
2- Marc Jacobs
3- Topshop
4- Isabel Marant
5- ash


  1. Lovely shoes :)

  2. My fave have to be the Marant & See by Chloe versions :)

  3. I have the Marc by Marc Jacobs wedge sneakers and I am in love with them!!! Did you see my post wearing them?

    Kisses from London

  4. Fabulous, i love the asos, is gorgeous

  5. Isabel Marant are truly amazing, not only fashionable, but also comfortable to wear. Instead of high heel, women need some rest on feet too. Isabel Marant Sneakers( can really be your perfect choice!

  6. wow i just love these type of sneakers i swear they are the best footwear created for me anyway as i love sneakers!! my favorite ones are the multi colored Marc Jacobs wow they are just divine!!
    good post