Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The wait is over

Hey dolls,

I can't believe it's finally Thursday . The wait is over and today I will get the result of my hard work for all that semester at school . I pray I hear good news and get in the mood for the summer vacation ! Also, I'm so excited today because I'm expecting a visit from someone really special . Someone who knows me more than the rest of the world and has been with me throughout my whole life :)

Today I'm wearing a look that I really adore ! Something in me loves to look as a badass !! That explains my great attraction to leather and animal prints ! Don't judge , I'm really a nice girl tho :)

I'm wearing : Topshop : leggings / Zara : biker jacket / Jeffery Campbell : heels / Dinodirect : packback

P.s : I will Update you with my school results on the next post ! Wish me luck




  1. perfect look:)
    O love this pants!! :)

  2. Love this mix :D

    With love,Mia

  3. Oh My God, Girl, You're so so amazing ! I love your jacket, leggins and amazing backpack ! You've great ombre hair and incredible colour of the lipstick ! Great job ! Kiss x

  4. good luck on your results!! you pull of the badass look so well ;)


  5. Good luck! Amazing style as always!!!! You are so inspirational!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  6. Loving your leggings and confidence!