Sunday, January 26, 2014

Winter White

Hello dolls,

One of the most amazing experiences I had in Kuwait was my visit to Winter White market. I loved all the beautiful pieces designed by young local designers from Kuwait and the Gulf area. There were also so many unique vintage designers items not to mention the yummy treats too. It was also a great experience to meet some cute faces!

The weather was very cold. I mixed my black and whites with a touch of pink this time!

I'm wearing /

ZARA : Coat
H&M : scarf
Balenciaga : Bag
ZARA : leggings
Iconic : heels


  1. Woooow I love this post and this blog! You are so so beautiful 0_0. And those photos and that outfit are super cute too.

    I am following you on GFC, looking forward to you next post love!
    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's Blog | Perfect Eyebrows: Long-Lasting 24 hours!

  2. You look so sweet! Love your coat! :)

  3. you look great dear...try indian will look fab in them :)

  4. you got great personality dear...why dont you try casual shirts with some baggy jeans :) XX