Monday, March 26, 2012

The fruit salad

Lime, Orange, mint and this fruit salad is complete !
More colorful outfit today that has this cute mixture of bolds and pastels. I really haven't wear as much colors as I do these days in my whole life , maybe it's the nice weather that makes every thing bright so yummy and delicious !!
You must realize that I'm a jacket girl ! I adore jackets and I wear them even if It's 80 degrees out there ! They are just great for layering and adding some edge to the outfit ! Got this one from Zara last year and still love it !
This Blouse is from Forever21 and I love it because it combines two lovely trends , Polkadots and mint . The pastel lime jeans is a great buy from Zara and the heels are my ultimate pleasure right now which I will keep rocking till it's fall again :)

Do you love this look guys ? Love to hear from you !



  1. the tittle! hahahah fits perfectly the outfit. Bold choice of mixing those colours, it looks great!

  2. This look is perfection.. you look so fabulous!! Love the polka dot blouse and the jeans, perfect combo of colors!