Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Safari chic

Hey Lovelies,

How many times did a huge rush happen to you toward a piece that you can't stop wearing ? This is happening to me now with this adorable safari jacket I got from ZARA . The leather sleeves give it an extra edge that I can't resist . It's crazy how it goes with almost every thing I got smoothly and elegantly . For example , these cute pants with this grassy print ! I have many many ideas in mind to wear them and they looked amazing with my favorite jacket .

Is it the jacket or the pants ? Or it's just my great love to animals and jungles life that makes this outfit one of my favs !!!!!


Jacket,Pants : ZARA/ Bag : black rivet / Shoes,top : Newlook


  1. Hello! LOVE this jacket and want to pick it up online. Just wondering about the sizing of it. They only have large online (normally I would go for medium). Any info you have is greatly appreciated!


  2. I've been wondering about the size too? Can you tell me if it runs big, small or true to size? Any feedback would be appreciated.


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