Thursday, March 22, 2012

Polkadots and Pastel

Hi dolls,

Two of my favorite trends ever, Pastel and Polkadots are combined in this new outfit . Not forget to mention this awesome Balenciaga City bag that lived on my wish list for many many years and now it's finally mine !!! Hurray !!!!

Every thing you see in this outfit I got from my latest trip to Atlanta, Ga . The bag was a cute lovely gift from my Hobby that I will never complain about :)) and both the sweater and the asymmetrical skirt are from Forever21. I feel really good when I combine the trends that I love in one look . You saw me rocking this sweater before and Still have many ideas for this skirt too .

Now let's talk heels ! Those of you who follow me on instagram must saw these ZARA sandals a lot on my page ! I've been waiting for it to be restocked forever !!! Lucky me they did and they are shining on my feet right now ! I don't want to take them off !!!

Do you like my combination ????



  1. I adore this look! Mullet skirts are so chic. If I saw this skirt at F21 I would have bought it on the spot! You look amazing!


  2. The color combination is really pretty. The shoes, top and skirt compliment each other really well!