Monday, March 19, 2012

Lavender Love

Back to posting,

After a whole week of bday celebration for my little one year old girl with the family, I can find my self back on track again . The beautiful weather out there is just perfect for spring spirit that you can see from my recent outfit . Still got more looks to show you but for now let's talk about this one . I kinda missed the dark side and the edge of black , so I decided to put on my favorite leather biker Jacket from Black Rivet that you can find here . This floral shirt from H&M is just stunning and you can create many different looks with it while these jeans are my absolute score this season for only 15 $ from Forever21 . To add a pop of color I'm carrying this oversized clutch from Asos. Do you guys love this look ?



  1. amazing outfit!love the pants!

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