Friday, April 6, 2012

Lost Somewhere

Oh how time flies ! It’s Friday already !!
Well Let me share a little secret with you guys ! Finally I got a good camera to take better quality pictures after using my Iphone’s Cam for a really long time! HURRAY !!!
In the honor of my new Camera It took me along time to find a good place to take an outfit post other than my Balcony with the wooden wall background you always see in my pictures ! I thought that it will be really fun to do more outdoor shots whenever the weather helps !

Now speaking outfit, If you follow my posts and blog you should know that I’m all into leather Jackets, I have about 25 leather Black biker jackets in my closet and still counting. Maybe it’s the little Rock & Roll star inside me :)
I paired it with a plain white top, Yellow Pastel skinnies and this edgy Mcqueen scarf that I adore !

What do you think of this outfit ?



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    xoxo. . .!!!

    1. Hello dear ! I would love to check your blog and follow for sure xoxo

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