Monday, April 16, 2012

Remember me !

Hello Friends,

Hope you had a great weekend . Mine was wonderful and all about friends and family . Lunch date, birthday party and lots of fun and laughter . This is what life is always about , creating great memories that last forever and make us smile every time we flash them back . Some people come and go without giving you that great impression about them . Others can change your whole life and bring a new level of happiness to your day!!
For me happiness has always something to do with style . My personal style reflects my mood and a big part of my personality . Today I'm wearing this blogger's favorite shirt from ZARA , Topshop high waisted jeans, Balenciaga city bag, Black rivet biker jacket and Sam Edelman heels . Lot's of edginess meets floral and pastels , a combo that I can't complain about .
So with me wearing such an outfit that I feel good about and being around friends and family, I think this is the Ultimate happiness I will ever reach !

Have a Happy creative day that make other people love and remember you !



  1. I like the outfit and I love the Balenciaga, but this jeans doesn't fit properly, no?

    1. Yeah ! kinda ! I lost 25 lbs and dropped two jeans sized :)))

  2. very sweet, I love the bag! now following!


  3. LOVE this outfit..soo edgy! love it! those heels are fab btw!! :)
    Much love, Gabriele.xx

    P.S- i just made a new bloglovin account, would you mind following me there?

  4. Great outfit!!

    Carsedra of:

  5. These shoes are AMAZING!! i love studded shoes, they are so edgy and add such a statement to the outfit! and love your floral shirt, you look hot!

  6. Love your spike heels so much!